When KAWANA introduced its new offer of compatible cells In 2009, it truly opened up this market, providing professionals with a new line of business. Today, the demand for this product continues to grow. It also answers the present market demand for replacement cells for chlorinators with the best value for money.


The cells manufactured by KAWANA include the latest technological improvements and are offered at competitive prices.


They do not aim to compete with manufacturers and swimming pool specialists committed to a brand, but rather to offer them a choice of brands to which they had no access. Professionals can therefore offer a supplementary service to their customers. Furthermore, the "compatible cell" solution often avoids the problem of throwing out a chlorinator that has become obsolete and for which one cannot find spares in the market. Furthermore, this offer includes a wide selection of original and compatible spare cells from one source. 


In 2015, it will continue to expand with new brands, such as MONARCH, BMSC and ZODIAC TRI, which can be discovered in the new catalogue.




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