skimmer piscine welticoThe very first WELTICO equipment for pools were created more than thirty years ago in the Swimming Pool Department of SIEBEC, with, most importantly, the European launch of the first skimmer in injected ABS plastic in 1974, and the first filtering skimmer, SKIMFILTRE, in 1976. Now, in Lyon, the manufacturer will present its new product line, with original concepts and innovative modern designs.

The A800 skimmer with large, new generation arrow slits, is compatible with all types of pools.

The design of the A800 skimmer allows for installation very close to the coping, to raise the water level of the pool.


The manufacturer also offers POWERLEDS, a new range of lighting for pools, and a large selection of sealing parts.

The entire range is available in ABS and stainless steel versions that can adapt to all Weltico supports.