One of the precursors in the injection of ABS flow fittings, Weltico has been both designing and developing a comprehensive range of flow fittings since 1974: skimmers, inlets, bottom plug holes, spotlights, etc. As a recognised specialist of the filtering skimmer, in particular with Skimfiltre and Twinfiltre, the manufacturer also offers a full range of filtration products such as Flovil, Welclean and Secal.

This year, Weltico has launched a new range of LED high power lights using the latest technology: Rainbow Power (coloured) and Diamond Power (white) PAR56 lights, compatible with all 300 W swimming pool spotlights.

 For coloured versions, the three colours are integrated into the same LED for the perfect colour mix and optimum output of the 10 colours offered, produced in sequence or faded mode according to the programme chosen.

These lights are available in version 6 and 12 LEDs with an optional remote control kit and powerline communication module.