From the continual innovative research and optimization Performati Pool System was born, a new method that that is meant to be a valid and suitable alternative to the traditional construction methods of pools in concrete/steel, realizing complete structures of any form and dimension, for pools/hydro-massage or single elements for internal furnishings like chairs, staircase beds or niches.

Performati Pool System allows to arrive to the building site with predefined modules complete with all the necessary equipment. The modularity of the system allows an easy, quick and precise assembly, avoiding errors in installation. There are numerous advantages: thanks to the low weight, the structure does not rest on the floor, the excellent insulating properties allow energetic savings and the pool lining can be done in mosaic, tiles, liners or resin. Supported by a campaign of experimental research over more than a year, a new construction method was patented allowing the realization of above ground freestanding pools devoid of buttresses or propping. The expressive freedom of designers can finally focus toward shapes and volumes that was never before imaginable.



preformati pool system