ProcopiProcopi introduces its new submerged automatic cover for pools – Stardeck Inéo. It is the ideal solution for infinity edge pools and mirror pools! And in the case of skimmer pools, there is no loss of space in the total surface area.


Hidden in a dry pit under the deck or inside the first step, the cover is completely invisible when open and ensures protection that is always in compliance with the French NF P 90-308 standard when the cover is closed, as do all models in the Delta range. Stardeck Inéo is intended for tiled or concrete pools with square corners and 150/100 liners.


The 5-year warranty is available for several different-sized pools up to 6m wide. All the covers in the Stardeck range use high-quality PVC (available in white, beige, grey, and light blue) that confers excellent strength despite the thin air cell walls. The end plugs are ultrasonically welded, guaranteeing water tightness.


They are fitted with an anti-deflection system that blocks the slats, giving it the smallest angle of deflection on the market. This gives the cover an increased load-bearing capacity and therefore better protection in the event of an accidental fall.