MODO has designed the first RGB LED lamp for SPAS launched on the European market. This lamp is EN62471 2008-certified.

Modo - Astrel -  Novita lampadaThe regulations set out rules and classify LED-generated light with regard to photobiological safety i.e. light emissions that are potentially harmful to humane yes.  

Entirely designed and produced in Italy, this lamp falls within the “0 group risk 0 – no risk” category.

Furthermore, the lamp is certified in accordance with EN60335-2-60, the strict and restrictive standard covering hydromassage bathtubs and SPAS.  

Main technical characteristics: Three high-efficiency RGB LEDs, 12Vac or 12Vdc n.r. power supply, standard socket connection, dimensions compatible with the majority of off-the-shelf SPA lampholders (ideal for retrofitting).

In addition, a dip-switch is available. When using the 12Vac version you can connect different lamps of this type in parallel with perfect synchronisation of colours thanks to the“zero X-ing” handling.