astrelThe certification, in compliance with ISO 14001:2004, was delivered by the Italian subsidiary of SGS, one of the leading international certification bodies and applies to design, production using silk-screen printing, soldering wave baths, assembly and final tests, assistance and marketing of electronic adjustment and control equipment.

This is the second certification for Astrel after UNI EN 900, obtained in 1999, which attests to the Company Quality System.



Astrel Giancarlo Galvani




“ISO 14001 certification is proof of the commitment of all the company personnel towards quality in our work, and also demonstrates our respect for the environment and resources that are used in our production. ISO 14001, will enable Astrel’s customers to further trust a highly-qualified and and highly-skilled technological partner that guarantees world-class production based on a certified environmental system”, said the Sole Director Giancarlo Galvani.