Recently, API ITALIA srl have developed a new concept, internationally patented, named Biodesign Pools technology.


The heart of the entire project is its construction process, which provides a hand laid, natural stone and resin finish, built on a structural netting system for strength, with an external elastic EPDM liner.


The result: a beautiful natural stone pool that genuinely integrates into the surrounds, has a strong structural soundness, and elastic waterproofing which moves with the earth without putting at risk the pool structure. This is achieved without the use of any steel, fibreglass, polystyrene or concrete.


This personalized styling is created by using a series of exclusive features: beaches with shoreline permitting relaxation, sunbathing and a place for the children to play safely, as well as the ability to equip the pool with sunken chairs, beds and even an aero-therapeutic massaging system, without the loss of the swimming areas.


API Italia sells all elements of their technology to pool builders around the world, enabling them to offer a non-invasive, environmentally friendly alternative to their clients, not only during construction but also during use, thanks to the specific methods of cleaning and disinfection which produce minimum pollution.