Jacuzzi France - Spa Santorini IIThe Research at Jacuzzi® has developed an ultimate version of the spa, a convergence of utter comfort and absolute relaxation, designed to awaken all the senses ...

To users of its 2 reclining and 3 upright seats, it offers a complete massage of the whole body. While the feet get special attention and stimulation, 5 jets for the back relieve tension in the neck and two rotary jets massage the hips to fight against cellulite.

The senses of smell and hearing are also sharpened with a
diffuser of essential oils and an audio system with its harmonious soundtrack. Everything is designed to provide a total sensory experience.

All the Jacuzzi® patented hydrotherapy technology is combined with the use of noble materials, in sober and contemporary lines, with carefully studied ergonomics and control panels made as simple as possible. Jacuzzi®, the inventor of the whirlpool bath, has concentrated all its knowledge and expertise in this new spa with a choice of either stand-alone or built in.

Jacuzzi France - spa Santorini II encastréTechnical features

- length: 230 cm
- 29 jets
- width: 215 cm
- waterfall
- height: 90 cm
- base: 7 cm
- shell self-draining
- essential oils diffuser
- net weight: 400 kg
- Possibility of building in on the ground

Colours ⇒ tank: white
teak or seamed oak