Watkins - Caldera spasAn organic design, combined with soothing features, provides
a rewarding at-home escape: the makers of Caldera® Spas, known for Pure Comfort™, Pure Performance™ and Pure Style™, introduce an all-new flagship spa, the Cantabria spa.

The new Cantabria spa is a real head-turner, with a soft design and soothing features. And, it delivers exceptional hydromassage therapy.

A fresh, organic look creates an overall sense of wellness and good health, sure to capture the attention of todays consumer. The soft and graceful curves of the Cantabria spa reflect an original blend of traditional and contemporary styling. In keeping with the holistic,
Watkins - Caldera spasorganic feel, newly-designed, ergonomic levers suggest a hot stone massage rock, just like the stones found in nature and used in massage therapy. Striking details, such as a gentle river rock pattern, have been designed into bottom of the spa where the feet rest. Three eye-catching color/cabinet combinations are available: Champagne Opal, White Pearl and Sterling Marble, with choices of Merlot, Redwood, or Coastal Gray EcoTech™ cabinets.

The Cantabria spa offers a spacious interior, comfortably seating 8 adults. Packed with power and loaded with hydromassage therapy jets, Caldera Spas signature Hot Tub Circuit Therapy™ has been elevated to a whole new level. Equipped with a total of 88 jets in specific anatomical configurations, it provides all the hydrotherapy and health benefits anyone could want, in the privacy of their own backyard. As the spa user moves from seat to seat, the bodys major muscle groups are targeted with the Hot Tub Circuit Therapy system. And, the UltraMasseuse™ system features six different massage sequences that can be adjusted to three speeds for a custom hot tub massage from head to toe, similar to a massage chair.


chutes d'eau Acquarella
The mood is set to soothe the mind and spirit with the new SpaGlo™ multi-zone lighting system. Multiple interior and exterior lighting options beautifully and elegantly illuminate key features of the spa. Selecting and customizing the lighting options is effortless using the main control panel, or the optional, sophisticated Advent™ remote control. The Advent remote control gives spa users the freedom to adjust lighting, jets, two gentle Acquarella™ waterfalls, optional music, water temperature, cleaning cycles and more, from outside or inside the spa.


Aquatric Melodies - son
Soaking in the sounds of the optional Aquatic Melodies™ wireless, multi-source sound system completes the renewing experience. With audio options, the spa music system uses customized iCast™ wireless electronics to transmit sound from an iPod® or virtually any other audio source to a powerful amplifier inside the spa. Three pop-up spa speakers are thoughtfully located along the bar top and can each be rotated up to 330 degrees to ensure the optimum listening experience.