spa Celio


Celio™ is a 3-person lounge spa model proposed by Caldera Spas. It is an ideal solution for small spaces. Featuring in Vacanza Series it comes with the exclusivities of Caldera spas.

18 stainless steel jets are delivrering their hydromassages : 3 AdaptaFlo™ jets, 1 AdaptaSsage™ jet, 14 Euro jets, in this spa measuring 213 x 165 x 74 cm.


Its Points of Light system casts reflective rays in the footwell and interior of the spa, and along the water’s edge.


Regarding filtration, the innovative FROG system uses a combination of bromine and minerals specifically formulated to work effectively in warm water. It uses simple, colour-coded replacement cartridges that last for weeks or months (varies based on usage).

All Caldera spas are insulated with proprietary FiberCor insulation that has four times the density of the urethane foam used in most hot tubs.

The water is warmed by EnergyPro™ system.


The functions are controlled by the electronic panel with LED display.