Products and equipment

Barrierflex CDS®: an innovative hose for spa and swimming pool supply systems that offers 100% protection  chlorine corrosion.
The Hi-Fitt® laboratories present Barrierflex CDS®, the first spiral hose for swimming pools and spas able to resist corrosion by chlorinated water.
Ergonomic massage spa
The new «675» spa Hydropool offers several exclusive and patented features such as its «Self-Clean» system, the Double Thermal Loc isolation or the intelligent Versa Massage system which assures the therapeutic efficiency of the spa.
Control  a remote location
First Innov is launching Klereo, a system that is suitable for both individuals as wells as pool-maintenance professionals. A high-precision sensor-module continuously records the pool’s key parameters and sends them to a portable display unit that also allows you to control the pool’s various...
Wireless lock box for swimming pools automatic covers
Aqua Cover is offering a special preview of Wireless, its all new wireless lock box. Thanks to this new product, it is very easy to put the command unit of its automatic covers in a convenient location, without having to be concerned about tugging on electrical cables.
Carefree salt electrolysis for swimming pools  Hayward
The new generation of salt electrolysis Hayward, AquaRite™ Pro, will treat your pool to enjoy crystal water in all circumstances. The Turbo Cell® will turn the slightly salted water into chlorine spreading in your pool.
Electric heater with digital control for swimming pools
Pahlén electric heater Maxi Heat with digital control is a compact and effective heater for swimming pools. The desired pool temperature is easily set and is shown in the LED display.
Automatic pressure pool cleaner
A host of design features combine to keep Legend® - the latest in ground pool cleaner Pentair Water - on the move, thoroughly cleaning most pools in just 1 to 3 hours.
Fluvo hydraulic changeover valve
German company Fluvo offers the hydraulic WKvario changeover valve. It operates without a power supply, without electronics or mechanical elements and incorporates no wear parts. It has won the Golden Wave in 2007, awarded by the magazine Schwimmbad & Sauna, for being the most innovative idea.
Sweepy Free, a new robot
Sweepy Free, Zodiac’s new electric cleaning robot, features 4 automatic cleaning programmes – 2 cycles (Eco and Perfection) and 2 modes (floor only or floor and walls), which allows it to quickly adapt itself to both the pool’s needs and its condition. The included remote control unit allows...
Pool fitting trims
Group Procopi presents 2 new pool fitting trims: one that fits over a skimmer, and another one that fits over an underwater light. The group’s range of pool fitting trims, available in 7 colours along with their extensive liner and automatic cover palettes, allows using colours to customise a...
Thermodynamic unit
Aquapack is a thermodynamic unit coupled with an Aérothermie heat pump designed for public swimming pools 150 to 3 000 m². Self-sufficient and rich in features, it satisfies the needs for dehumidification, air heating, water heating, freshening and energy recovery.
The Crystales
This year, Opiocolor, the molten glass producer, is featuring a series of transparent glass mosaics that have coloured bases: the Crystales. Completely translucent with very smooth softened edges, these glass panes are available in shiny and mat formats. Modern look, a pallet of 60 colours.
Your pool in 3 clicks
Group Procopi introduces an innovating tool to design swimming pools: the Aquareva System and Liner System softwares now allow you to preview your project as the building stage has not even begun.
Comfort and pleasure
The new GL800 Garden Leisure hot tub, distributed exclusively by SCP, displays a wide array of key features at a reasonable price, in particular a highly effective massage thanks to 62 adjustable black and stainless steel jets, seating for 6 (228x228x99cm) and an ample power supplied by 2 power...
The outdoor spa/sauna cover  Woodline
CThe outdoor spa/sauna cover Wood-line has been designed to provide a Wellness solution for the home, and is available in a number of models. The outer structure is made solid Scots Pine, while the lounger is made of tropical hardwood.