FluvoGerman company Fluvo offers the hydraulic WKvario changeover valve. It operates without a power supply, without electronics or mechanical elements and incorporates no wear parts. It has won the Golden Wave in 2007, awarded by the magazine Schwimmbad & Sauna, for being the most innovative idea.

This automatic changeover valve either directs the water and air flow through the counter current system or the massage jets. Hydraulic diversion is achieved with a venturi jet element which is controlled using the water adjustment on the counter current system. KWvario

The water flow is diverted to the other attractions when the counter current system is closed off. Only a single pump is required to operate 2 swimming pool attractions alternately.

Equipped with a non-return valve, a water curtain can also be utilised instead of the hydro massage. Any model can be attached: the Cobra Fibre, Boa or another water curtain from the broad Fluvo range.

This innovating product is an inexpensive alternative that requires little outlay and greatly boosts the fun factor of a pool. This compact system module can be installed in every pool.

Due to demands from customers and specialist retailers, a 2nd alternative has been developed for 2009.