Barrierflex CDS Hi FittThe Hi-Fitt® laboratories present Barrierflex CDS®, the first spiral hose for swimming pools and spas able to resist corrosion by chlorinated water.

This exclusive product unites two patented technologies in just one hose: a rigid spiral covered by a Spiral Protection Barrier® patented anticracking barrier coextruded with the hose, which guarantees an excellent seal and resistance to subsurface stress, and the special, newly formulated internal PVC Chlorine Defence System® film, which offers watertight protection against corrosion by chlorinated water.

Chlorine is widely used to disinfect swimming pool and spa supply systems and is the arch-enemy of hoses. The oxidizing action of water deteriorates the hose, making the internal part wrinkled and porous and – therefore – more exposed to the abrasive action of water flowing through the hose. The hose progressively absorbs water and consequently swells; this is the primary cause of irreversible deterioration of the physical and mechanical features of the hose and its performance.

This new hose offers a solution to this problem. Mechanical and thermal resistance 5 times higher than standard hoses, superior physical-mechanical specifications and unchanging long-term performance; these are the features guaranteed by Barrierflex CDS®, allowing a significant increase in the quality standards of hoses for swimming pools and spas. Hifitt - Barrierflex

Laboratory tests carried out on samples of this innovative hose have revealed that the presence of the CDS protective film guarantees 11 times less water absorption compared to other PVC products available on the market, together with a major improvement of ultimate tensile stress and ultimate elongation.

Hi-Fitt® has developed a special packaging made of customised PE sheeting that completely envelops and protects the roll. Either end of the product is sealed to prevent access by foreign bodies. The product is supplied with a statement of conformity and a 10 year warranty certificate.