Products and equipment
New reinforced linings with 3D effect
With the aim of reinforcing its range of pool linings, Linov, a company of the RPI Group (Portugal), has launched a new range of reinforced linings this year, while also pursuing its portfolio diversification policy for its brand Vonil Flex. This new 150/100 range, with anti-skid properties, is...
Fabistone surrounds for swimming pools
Fabistone surrounds meet the aesthetic and functional requirements that are essential when designing a swimming pool. For the manufacturer, these elements must be considered as a comprehensive project and integrated into the construction and installation of a swimming pool.
The future of pool control is smart
Mostly it takes a lot of time and effort so that a pool remains clean and well-kept. For this reason Peraqua offers their customers the Loxone AquaStar Air “starter package”. Pre-configured components of those fully automated backwash valve inclusive pool control features ensure that many...
InstaTest Test Strips for pool water
LaMotte's range of Insta-Test test strips are a world leading water test strip designed with the user in mind. Features include a high density, desiccant lined bottle to provide moisture and light protection, stable colour development, and no cross contamination between pads.  
Soleo: the modular steel panel system
SOLEO pools are constructed using a system of galvanized steel modular panels with which any type of pool can be built, whether public or private. The brand, owned by RP Industries, offers four pool models (Skimmer, Infinity, Overflow and Mirror), but one can choose from dozens of designs with...
Launch of the new line Blue Connect
Fluidra launches a new line of connected products for the swimming pool. The flagship product of this line is certainly Blue Connect and its new accessories. The concept of the smart water analyzer remains the same: Blue Connect measures the main water settings (temperature, pH, ORP/redox,...
The new YUI spa integrates anywhere
In addition to the Mediterranea and Blue Vision mini pool models, the Italian company CPA srl is launching a new spa model for the 2018 season. A product of its collaboration with the French company Red Pool, the YUI spa accommodates two people.
The family of variable speed pumps gets bigger
In filtration pumps, the benefits of variable speed technology are well established.  Facts worth recalling: running pumps continuously at low speeds results in better fineness of filtration and optimized water treatment and heating, real energy savings*, up to 85%, in power consumption and...
Thalao Spas: a sense of well-being
PROCOPI offers a perfect spa experience through its Thalao range.  In its 3 models, everything has been designed for user-comfort, whether it is the compact Thalao ST 2.18, with 2 seats, or the largest, the ST 4.31, accommodating up to 4 people.
The spa connects to internet with in.touch 2
When spa's owners want to connect their spa to internet, they need a solution with the simplest of setups possible. Gecko Alliance proposes the in.touch 2 system as a mobile remote control for spas and hot tubs. It includes a state-of-the-art application and two pre-paired radio frequency...
3-Use disk for LaMotte’s WaterLink Spin Touch
Exclusively for use with the WaterLink SpinTouch, LaMotte have created the 3-use disk, making a water test using the SpinTouch even faster and even more cost effective. Measuring Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine/ Bromine and pH, the 3-use disk takes just 30 seconds and can be used 3 times in a 24...
The connected pool within everyone’s reach!
In the era of the connected pool, HAYWARD also makes its contribution with its Control Station. Being able to remotely control and manage the pool’s parameters 24/7 is an additional convenience that can be enjoyed by both private pool owners and professionals in charge of pool management.
Spring facelift of the Wellis CityLine spas
The CityLine range by WELLIS offer a number of innovations from the spas manufacturer. The spa models have been facelifted to make them more stylish. Among the novelties, the headrest and shoulder massage allow taking the daily stress of the users’ nape, while they can relax more with the new...
A more practical clarifier for cloudy water
To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the hth® brand has launched several new products for the 2018 season, including a concentrated single-dose clarifier, specially adapted for spas.
An elegant and customizable above-ground pool
The Italian company, CPA Srl, offers three products dedicated to well-being for the new season.  Together with the Blue Vision mini pool, that includes counter-current swimming and hydro-massage sections, it has added MEDITERRANEA to its line of aboveground pools; the Yui completes its range of...