SCP UK met the pool professionals on their booth at the SPATEX Show. They presented their new pool products for 2024 season: pool cleaners, heat pumps, Inverter pumps and a Frequency Inverter for pool pumps, as well as a new 3D reinforced membrane color. 

Energy performance, energy savings and design pool lining

Unveiled at SPATEX 2024 and in the 2024 SCP UK catalog, several pool products come to allow energy savings, to provide high performance and economical heating as well as to beautify and modernize the pool look:

  • Fariland AQUAX 20 new Pool Heat Pump - exclusive SCP - comes with an impressive COP of up to 20! Indeed, 1kW consumed becomes up to 20kW maximum in the pool. Three modes are integrated to intelligently manage consumption: 
    • Turbo Mode: 120% of its capacity to quickly reach set temperature
    • Smart Mode: 20-100% power according to an algorithm that takes temperature into account
    • Silent Mode: 20-60% power for silence and substantial energy savings.

    The heat pump has cool and heat functions and can operate from -20°C. 

    Fairland AQUAX 20 Heat Pump SCP UK

    Fairland AQUAX 20 Heat Pump

    • The exclusive SCP InverK pump is an Inverter one. Thanks to InverSilence technology, the motor speed can be controlled precisely. With its high-efficiency DC brushless motor, the pump is very energy-saving and quiet. In daily use, to reach the best filtration effect, it is recommended to let the pump run at a small flow, which is extremely quiet and energy-efficient.

    Exclusive SCP InverK pump

    • The exclusive SCP iSaverK Frequency Inverter for pool pumps provides 80% energy savings. For a swimming pool equipped with a 1.1kW pump, the calculation in the Energy Savings table shows how much one can save a year by installing an iSaverK (instead of a single speed pool pump). With 80% energy saved, it is easy to get the payback within 1-2 years. The power consumption is displayed on its digital screen as well as the motor speed.
      Running at low speed promises a much more pleasant user experience, sound level can be reduced by as much as 25%. iSaverK Frequency Inverter is easy to install on the pool pump. 

    iSaverK Frequency Inverter SCP UK

    Exclusive SCP iSaverK Frequency Inverter 

    The new HAOGENPLAST Emerald color in the Stone Tile range of 3D reinforced membrane. This 3D stone imitation range and the new color model comply to anti-slip Standard C. This long waterproofing solution for pool lining is UV resistant and has a strong durability to high chlorine concentrations, thanks to an enhanced acrylic protection coating. It provides a stunning natural clear water to the pool.

    3D Stone Tile membrane in Emerald color

    HAOGENPLAST Emerald color in the Stone Tile range

    New high-tech products in pool cleaning

    SCP UK adds 4 new pool cleaners in their 2024 catalog, gathering latest technologies for residential and commercial pools cleaning.

    New SCp UK Pool Cleaners

    COSMY One by BWT, LIBERTY, PRO X 90i and Zenit 55 pool cleaners by Maytronics