A safety cover is a pool owner's loyal and reassuring ally to secure access to swimming, limit pool water evaporation, cut down on heating and treatment products, as well as to protect your pool from exterior pollution.

An aesthetic cover, quick to install on the customer's premises

Among its wide range of pool covers, BWT Pool Products offers the Pearl Protect above-ground model. An elegant cover that complies with safety standards (including NF P90-308). With its mechanical end position system and anodised aluminium motor axle, this reliable above-ground safety cover comes with a 5-year warranty. It is suitable for pools up to 10 x 5 m.

Pearl Protect in video

BWT Pearl Protect possesses elegantly designed end stands that can be equipped with LED backlighting (remote control). It can be customised as follows:

  • choice of the panel colour: with exclusive PVC slats, an exclusive anti-bending device, ultrasonic welded end fittings and slat assembly by clipping or sliding. A choice of 4 colours: white, sand, grey and light blue.
  • crenelated or shaped (adjusted to the exact shape of the pool) slat finishes.
  • a safety closing system to install on the pool wall or under the coping, as well as a choice of premium stainless steel fittings.
  • a selection of end stand colours: white, sand, taupe, turquoise blue, anthracite grey and light blue.
  • a model with or without LEDs (RGB) in the 2 end stands.
  • an optional wireless transmitter.

The cover is equipped with an electrolyser contact switch to command the treatment device to reduce chlorine production when the cover is closed.

coloris pied couverture hors-sol piscine Pearl Protect

Different colours for the end stands of the Pearl Protect above-ground cover

Couverture Pearl Protect hors-sol piscine de nuit

Lighting for the end stands of the Pearl Protect cover