It is Pentair Europe's objective to reinforce its position as a leader on the European swimming pool equipment market. This objective is supported by the creation of new teams, a commercial strategy that repositions the customer at the centre of attention, as well as a capitalisation on the company's extensive industrial structure. 

Objective : reinforce its position as a leader on the European swimming pool equipment market

A plan unfold over 5 years

The plan will unfold over 5 years, with the main objective of obtaining strong brand recognition based on its industrial expertise while becoming an increasingly commercial structure.
To achieve this, an expanded commercial team is implementing a series of actions:

  • a new southern France hotline (+33 (0) for all European customers,
  • the creation of new warranty rules that take into account the consumer's final invoice as the starting point,
  • the redefinition of the after-sales service chain with new service contracts defining the rules for the satisfaction of the end customer,
  • the simplification of deciding bodies.

Pentair teams for a Premium service

Other measures are also on the agenda, including, for example, an immediate new replacement for any failure occurring in the month following the purchase.
In a nutshell: Premium service for Premium equipment! Henceforth, a solution for customer satisfaction will be found within 72 to 96 hours.

Clearer distribution supported by powerful communication

Adapted and competitive public prices as well as clear commercial conditions for each type of equipment now enable different distribution channels to be targeted individually. At the same time, the internet channel is being exploited more proactively with a redefined public price policy and specific ranges.
Point of sale promotion, in collaboration with the distribution, have been largely reinforced with promotional materials and seasonal marketing operations.
A new and more intuitive website informing users of the products and services has been created: Specific catalogues will enable the easy distinction of the different ranges, including the TradeGrade range for professionals.
In addition, the Pentair Incentive Program (PIP), which was revised at the beginning of the year, will contribute to the development of brand awareness and facilitate the customer's purchase path.

An extended offer to meet market needs

Market trends tend increasingly towards the renewal of equipment and Pentair is capitalising on this fine opportunity. Its current ranges enable both the replacement of old equipment and the equipment of new pools while providing the consumer with innovative solutions.
It is Pentair's ambition to reinforce its position among the Top 3 in Europe for key products: pumps, filters and domotics. In addition, by 2025, it intends to figure among the Top 5 on the market of heat pumps, robots and water treatment solutions. This is exemplified by current product launches, such as the Invertemp-DB heat pump and the SOLEO water treatment solutions.

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A virtuous company

A survey carried out both internally and externally at the beginning of the year has refined the perception of Pentair and its positioning and enabled the development of a strong line of communication. The word that comes up most frequently is 'virtuous'. A fine quality. It is also a wonderful recognition for Pentair, which develops sustainable pool equipment that is easy to use, enables automation and provides peace of mind while respecting the environment (minimal consumption and emissions). Not to mention health, thanks to the quality and cleanliness of the water through rational treatment, and... savings (consumption and equipment durability / investment).
Valorising Pentair's virtuous pool is now at the heart of its strategy and solutions.
All the company's teams are mobilised to cultivate this virtuous relation with their customers and the users of their equipment through:

  • the conception of innovative and reliable products with low environmental impact,
  • eco-responsible manufacture in Europe,
  • support for sales, training, marketing tools and the communication plan for after-sales management,
  • products with simple and minimal maintenance.

The manufacturer's flagship equipment meets these characteristics perfectly. One only needs to mention the variable speed pumps that were launched on the European market over 10 years ago: ardently promoted by Pentair, they have revolutionised the pool sector.
In conclusion, for over 20 years the company has massively invested in innovation in order to:

  • develop technologies that have become market standards,
  • improve its processes to produce better with less energy and fewer resources,
  • source, as locally as possible, robust manufacturing materials with low environmental impact,
  • recover and recycle its industrial waste.