For the last ten years, the Covana fully automated hot tub and swim spa covers - manufactured in Canada - have been distributed across Europe by Covana Europe thanks to an ever-expanding network of dealers.

Aqua Warehouse group's innovative hot tub and swim spa covers 

Covana Europe is part of the Aqua Warehouse Group based in the UK in Chelmsford, Essex. Renowned for its friendly customer service and technical support AWG has enabled the Canadian brand to offer its range of high-end automatic hot tub, swim spa and mini-pool covers across Europe. These premium automated covers allow users to secure access to their tub, keep all dirt and impurities out and, above all, relax at just the right temperature, whenever they choose to.

Covana Oasis automatised hot tub cover by night with led lighting

Covana Oasis spa cover with the LED lighting and privacy Zen decor panel

Covana Europe in fact offers four different models of spa covers which all feature a contemporary design in order to accommodate the users' requirements: 

  • Covana Oasis: A stylish and modern automated hot tub cover featuring LED lighting and a gazebo-shaped design.
  • Covana Legend: A robust and thoroughly insulated swim spa cover, also automated, designed to cover the swim spa and protect it in all weather.
  • Covana Horizon: An innovative, state-of-the-art hot tub cover with a tilting system.
  • Covana Evolution: A modular cover designed to adapt to larger spas, including round ones.

Covana Legend Swim Spa Cover

Covana Legend automated swim spa cover

Becoming a European dealer of Covana automatic hot tub covers

Covana automated spa and swim spa covers are made in Canada, imported solely by Aqua Warehouse and distributed across Europe by a network of consolidated dealers, including HotSprings, Jacuzzi and Hydropool. This network is also supported by a large number of independent retailers who display at least one Covana motorised hot tub cover model in their store. In a rapidly expanding market, the brand's network - which already boasts multiple dealers - continues to grow. 

Do you want to become a dealer of Covana automatic hot tub and swim spa covers? Simply contact the Covana Europe sales team who organise a dedicated account manager for each dealer. What for? To provide marketing and technical support in the form of customised training focusing on the skills, know-how and expertise required to advise customers wisely on the various models offered by the brand and facilitate installation of Covana automatic hot tub covers.