The pool and wellness sector in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic

Our team is by your side

Dear subscribers, partners, and friends,

In the swimming pool and spa sector, like so many others, the operations of numerous companies have been affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic.

During what is a difficult time for everyone, the company IMC and its entire team, via its various platforms, are by your side, just like they have been for the past 20 years. We decided to keep providing an ongoing service, remotely, so that we could receive your communications, pass on your messages, and make sure that newsletters got published online and sent out. This is so we can keep market players informed as best as possible about developments during this time, as well as getting stuck in with the efforts to get everyone's businesses back up and running in the future.

But above all else, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.

From now on, let's think about how the swimming pool and wellness sector is going to make a come back

The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has been a shock to the financial markets, thanks to a downward revision of the global economic outlook. It goes without saying that our swimming pool market will take a hit in 2020, a year that's turning out to be rather "exceptional".

For the time being, the morale of people in Europe is unsettled, disheartened, overwhelmed, and distressed due to us all being in lockdown. But once the beautiful days of spring arrive, together with the warmth and the sunshine, your customers' morale will improve, especially once their swimming pools are up and running again...


Indeed, it won't be able to survive the CHLORINE. 1ppm (mg/m3) is enough to destroy bacteria and viruses for good. Your customers will therefore be able to dive right into their swimming pools knowing they are 100% safe.

Once we've got past these testing times we're currently going through, your future customers - and yes, you will have them - will need to indulge and spend their money to enjoy life. They'll want to treat themselves again, and, why not do so by ordering a swimming pool from you for next year perhaps? A place where they'll be able to get together with family or friends, something that we've been missing so much during these very difficult times.

We're taking a punt on everything getting back on track. And soon. Each and every one of us will be strengthened by a renewed energy and a desire to move forward. We'll work together to get our factories, companies, and businesses back up and running, and on a global scale, our economies as well. 

Take care of yourselves, your family, your loved ones, and everyone!