In its 2019 catalogue, Pool Technologie announced that it wants to honour the meaningful connections it  has developed with its customers.

A strong and collaborative customer relationship

This strong relationship has led to the launch of the co-design of its 2020 product range, which saw the RDI department, the sales team, the marketing department and a design studio working together.

Customers involved with this development

The manufacturer also wants to get its customers involved with this development. This involvement takes their comments about the current product ranges into account (which can be expressed by e-mail to [email protected]).

Customers can also express their opinions and expectations about the new products unveiled at the latest Piscine Global Europe exhibition.

New devices tested by a panel

As well as this, professionals will be able to find out about new devices through beta testing. A preview of these findings will be presented to a panel of testers, who will be able to freely explore the functionalities of the range and to work together with its development teams. Together, they will contribute to the creation of products that match customer needs as much as possible.

This interesting initiative allows the company to nurture the already strong ties it has with its customers, by making sure that it satisfies their expectations for the next season as best as possible.