FORUMPISCINENewcomers and more than 80% of confirmed attendees for the next edition of ForumPiscine: the high number of companies committed so far - starting with the Fluidra group with Certikin-CTX, ICS - Institute for sports credit and Oxymatic by Hydrover (distributed in Italy by Staes) who have confirmed their presence at the fair in addition to the sponsorship for the event - bodes well, very well indeed.

There is also a steady rise in foreign companies that have chosen to participate in the event in Bologna; Austria, Korea, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary are just some of the countries to have said yes to ForumPiscine.

Several free workshops are planned, exclusively for ForumPiscine visitors, organised by companies and industry organisations, such as Assopiscine (which sponsors the event), EAA - European Aquatic Association, Acquanetwork and Professione AcquaNet.

Another prominent feature of the programme is certainly the interview with Andrea Biondi, the Acquanetwork president and Andrea Massagli , an ANIF representative, with Frédéric Maurin Belay, senior manager at Vert Marine for twenty years, a French company with a turnover of over €100 million per year and present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. During the session promoted by Acquanetwork he will explain how to develop strategic models that ensure high quality standards, consistent margins and useful development processes to achieve a good number of positive operations and results.

The complete schedule of the sessions for a fee and the free meetings is available at