The French company, Card POOL, has recently gained recognition for its innovation, NEWATER, an eco-friendly water treatment for spas.

Headed by three partners, Christian Chis, Doctor in Material Sciences, Diego Penaranda, Research Engineer for the scientific part, and a business leader from the pool world, Rémy Lapergue, this dynamic French company adds another building block to advanced technology for the natural bactericidal treatment of spa water. 

remy lapergue portrait newater company

Founded in 2010, presented with a First Prize in 2013, the company has successfully tested the method in 40 spas. 

Talks with the first business contacts are already underway. 

After France, the company continues to expand to other countries. For more information:

More info about Newater

Rémy Lapergue  

Newater range products in front of a spa