Riccardo Casadei, Jochen Wittwer, Werner Markenstein, Andrea Marcato
From left to right: Riccardo Casadei, Jochen Wittwer, Werner Markenstein, Andrea Marcato

In 2011, when Werner Markenstein, Director of Hugo Lahme, arrived in Bolzano to present some bronze niches made for a local company, little did he know that in May 2013, Hugo Lahme, the company’s recently deceased Founding Chairman, would acquire one-third of the shares of AngelEye, a world leader in video surveillance systems for public and private pools.


This move is the result of an employment relationship that began months ago, when it was decided that Hugo Lahme would distribute AngelEye’s pioneering system of underwater cameras in Germany and Austria.


“We see great potential in this new partnership with Hugo Lahme; it will allow us to continue to grow and tap into the valuable expertise of our colleagues in Ennepetal,” Riccardo Casadei said with satisfaction.


It is likely that this partnership will give rise to numerous new products. “For us, this is a step towards the future, and therefore a move in the right direction. We can add products to our portfolio that fit in surprisingly well with our range, made with the same care and attention to detail.  I am happy to embark on this journey with AngelEye, especially with Riccardo Casadei and Andrea Marcato at my side,” confirmed Hans-Joachim Wittwer.