USSPA fête ses 15 ans sur le marchéUSSPA, one of the most significant manufacturers of spas and Swim Spas in Europe, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

On a global scale USSPA achieved a dominant position not only thanks to the exceptional design and top quality of its products, but also for the specific approach to customers, products and their presentation.

What stands behind the company’s success is the truly personal relation and individual customer care, as well as guarantee of professional services and reliability.

USSPA fête ses 15 ans

USSPA produces and delivers complete range of spas for private and commercial use and exports to 24 countries not only around Europe, e.g. Switzerland, Germany, France but also for example to Ukraine and newly to Persian Gulf.

USSPA’s domestic market is the Czech Republic but also the Spanish market, which USSPA entered directly with its sub-company in 2009.

USSPA always goes its own way, bringing innovations and setting up the trends. The strong, reliable brand is not only sought-after by the customers but it is a great potential for all business partners.

And that is a reason to celebrate!