To discover in 2023: Sel-in, the ultra-compact new-generation salt electrolyser by Poolstar, with an electronics unit integrated into the cell.

A swimming pool easy-to-install salt chlorinator 

The electronics unit integrated into the cell makes it even easier to install! Despite this, the electrolysis cell remains very compact to enable installation in the most limited spaces. 
The electrolysis plates are made of ruthenium/iridium-treated titanium to ensure a life span of 10,000 hours. The cell is cleaned by reverse polarity and yearly servicing is facilitated by the maintenance and winterising accessories provided with the device and Pool-Terre by Poolstar.  

Sel-in maintenance and winterising accessories Poolex Poolstar pool electrolyser

Maintenance and winterising accessories and Pool-Terre

The Sel-in offers 6 pre-set operating modes: Cover (if installed for more than 3 days), Spring (50% production), Summer (75%), Comfort (100%), Boost (150%) and Boost ++ (300%) for reinforced chlorine production in case of need (heat, intense usage, etc.). 

The Sel-in comes in 5 models to guarantee chlorine production from 4 g/h to 20 g/h, suitable for pools from 20 to 90 m3. All models come with a 5-year warranty.