Logyline is a French company that develops and markets specialised software for the pool sector. Among these is the logyconcept3D software that has been acclaimed by French pool installers for the past 10 years and which is available in English.

The future swimming pool in 3D facilitates the purchase of the customer

It incorporates augmented reality to enable the easy creation of 3D pool projects. This pool sales support tool helps future pool owners to easily visualise the layout of their pool area in the slightest detail. 
logyconcept3D enables users to create any type of pool (shapes, bottoms, steps, etc.) and to customise them in terms of lining, coping, water effects, shade, accessories, etc., and even the layout of the surrounding area, including terraces, walls and decorative objects.
Among its strengths are constant adaptation to the needs of pool builders, ease of use and the speed with which projects can be executed.  

Garden before the 3D projection

The garden before the 3D projection

The garden integrates the future swimming pool 3D projection logyconcept3D Logyline

The garden seems to integrate the future swimming pool thanks to the 3D projection of logyconcept3D

From the first quarter of 2023, the publisher will offer several software subscription packages adapted to the needs of professionals, with a monthly or yearly subscription that is available directly from the publisher's website.
Logyline will open an Instagram account that is entirely devoted to communications with its British customers from the first quarter of 2023. British professionals can also stay informed of logyconcept3D on the @logyline_software YouTube channel, which is regularly enriched with new videos. 

This professional 3D software fulfils a real customer need to visualise the creation of a project as important as a pool and its surroundings in the most realistic way possible. It makes taking the final step towards purchasing so much easier...