For almost 17 years now, Poolstar has established a solid reputation by excelling in 3 areas - swimming pools & gardens, wellness and water sports. With a single objective in mind: making its customers 100% satisfied. To achieve this goal, the R&D department is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and develops innovative products that provide consumers with a high level of added value.

Ultra-fine bubbles and additional benefits with the Microsilk® technology integrated into the spa range

The integration of Microsilk® technology to its range of spas (a feature that can be ordered at the same time as the spa) illustrates this desire to offer a better user experience. Factory-installed, during the manufacture of the spa, this technology provides additional physical and psychological benefits.

What does it consist of?

During the manufacture the spa is fitted with a booster pump and adapted jets. These create billions of oxygenated micro-bubbles, each less than 25 micron (normally 2 500µ). The Microsilk® system also performs 50% of the spa water disinfection (compared to 25% with an ozone generator + UV lamp).  Highly oxygenated water is also healthier water, requiring fewer treatment products.

Water with multiple beneficial properties

These ultra-fine bubbles envelop the body in a soothing, effervescent cloud of oxygen and remain suspended in the water for longer. The water also penetrates deeper into the pores exfoliating and regenerating the skin, while stimulating the metabolism and relaxing the muscles. The micro-bubbles are charged with negative ions and float in the steam escaping from the hot tub. The inhalation of negative ions has a soothing, invigorating and de-stressing effect, improving serotonin levels and promoting restful sleep...

A spa session with the Microsilk® option invigorates the whole organism and soothes the mind.