Whether before or after the summer, a pool heat pump prolongs the pleasure of swimming in water heated to a perfect temperature. SCP reminds you of several important criteria to consider when choosing a suitable heat pump:

  • The power of the heat pump in relation to the size of the pool to be heated (water volume).
  • The coefficient of performance or COP, which measures its output. It should be indicated in air conditions at 15 °C and water at 26 °C to be truly meaningful. A higher COP ratio means better heat pump performance.
  • The desired period of pool use, because some heat pumps only operate above a certain outdoor temperature (sometimes only above 0 °C).
  • The compressor technology: a single operating speed or variable speed (inverter). In the latter case, the heat pump adjusts its power according to the real needs. With the full inverter, the variable speed fan also adapts to the compressor operation, thus reducing the heat pump's acoustic emission.

A wide range of heat pumps

In the SCP catalogue there is a wide range of heat pumps that meet all individual needs from renowned manufacturers, including Garden PAC, Fairland, Poolstyle, Hayward, Zodiac and Pentair.

A focus on 2 full-inverter models by Garden PAC...

The AquaX heat pump (with R32) is equipped with patented Turbo Silence technology that gives it high power and very quiet operation (it filters out all high-frequency sounds). It can be used from -15 °C and heats water up to 40 °C. Its smart control panel and 3 modes of operation (Turbo, Smart and Silence) are very user-friendly.

The Garden PAC full-inverter heat pump has a 'cooling & heating' function to heat or cool the pool. It offers a very good COP as well as silent operation. This heat pump can be remote controlled thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. It comes with a 7-year compressor warranty.

Discover them in the 2022 SCP catalogue...