The Garden PAC InverTech pool heat pump is powered by Full-Inverter technology, a unique 100% Inverter technology. This pool heating equipment is an exclusive SCP product. 

Silence, energy savings and optimised performance for heating swimming pools

Precise and progressive regulation of the pool heating

The precise and smooth regulation generated by the Full Inverter technology allows to adjust step by step the compressor frequency and the fan speed. 

In addition, this high-performance Inverter is mainly designed to operate at low speed, which makes the heat pump extremely quiet, with an optimised COP and increased resistance over time.

The advantages of the Garden PAC InverTech pool heat pump 

Some of the advantages of the Garden PAC InverTech pool heat pump:

  • A pool heating solution for all seasons: it operates from an outdoor temperature of -7°C for an extended swimming pool season. 
  • Full-Inverter technology: a COP of up to 15 at Air 26°C / Water 26°C / Humidity 80 %. The average COP is 11 during the swimming season.
  • 10 times quieter, neighbour friendly: the average noise is 10dB lower than that of a conventional On/Off heat pump.
  • 7-year warranty on the compressor and titanium heat exchanger; 2-year warranty on parts.
  • Twin mechanism innovation: the heat pump is powered by the Twin-rotary Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor. Two rotors work together to balance the torque for anti-shaking. This results in high efficiency, low vibration and quiet operation.
  • Operating costs halved: over a typical pool season of 180 days, the Garden PAC Invertech pool heat pump offers a COP equivalent to double the average COP of a conventional On/Off pool heat pump. In concrete terms, this means that the kW consumption for the season will simply be divided by two. 

An online calculation tool to choose the ideal Garden PAC InverTech model

Pool professionals, are you looking for the ideal heat pump for a pool project? Use this comparative study tool and find the ideal Garden PAC heat pump according to the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the pool.
Contact your SCP branch for more information on this innovative heating solution. 

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