The Zenit 60 cleaning robot is part of the exclusive SCP range of 'Zenit' electric robots from Maytronics and offers maximum performance with minimum effort for the user.

Optimal efficiency, connectivity, easy programming to clean the pool

The Zenit 60 electric cleaner designed by Maytronics integrates the best of the Z-series available from SCP. To date, over 70,000 Zenit robots have been sold in Europe.

Optimised robot trajectory, maximum suction

The PowerStream system of the Zenit 60 electric pool cleaner provides total coverage of the entire pool surface.

Its DynamicTM dual drive motor is combined with a multi-directional water outlet, precise robot navigation control and increased debris suction rate for outstanding cleaning performance.

The additional sealing of the filter prevents the return of fine dust into the pool. The result: better cleaning performance. A thicker cartridge panel is available as an option (x2), for a larger useful filter surface. 
The filter basket is accessible from the top of the robot for easy cleaning and the filter indicator signals when it is time to clean the filter.

Real-time electric cleaner connectivity

The Zenit 60 is connected to the Cloud 24/7, providing the user with dynamic services, proactive notifications, advanced remote control and management of the robot: operation, delayed start, cleaning history...

This advanced functionality allows for remote troubleshooting and software upgrades. 

Several cleaning cycles according to the needs of the pool

The Zenit 60 robot is suitable for pools up to 15 m in length and cleans the bottom, sides and waterline. 

Three cleaning cycles offer maximum cleaning with minimum effort: 1.5 hours - 2 hours - 2.5 hours.
The Swivel system prevents the cable from twisting.

Several ranges of equipment are available only from SCP, such as the InverTech Full Inverter pool heat pump, exclusive equipment from SCP.