Various values in the pool are important to maintain optimal water quality. The PoolLab 1.0 offers an alternative to pool testers and test strips which usually only allow to read 2 or 3 water parameters such as the levels of chlorine and the pH-value.

PoolLab 1.0, an alternative to pool testers and test strips

The PoolLab 1.0 by Water-i.d gives accurate results of 13 pool water parameters. This photometer gives pool professionals readings by just a push of a button, after scooping the water sample directly from their pool and adding the reacting reagent. pH, chlorine (free/combined/total), alkalinity, cyanuric acid, bromine, active oxygen (MPS), chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, PHMB, calcium hardness, total hardness and urea can so be tested.

The PoolLab 1.0 photometer comes with Bluetooth and a powerful app and software named LabCOM® which both synchronize via a cloud server, all free of charge. Once test results are synchronized, the LabCOM® software or/and app allow dosage recommendations, based on individually entered water treatment chemicals.

Test results can also be sent to users' phone or device via Bluetooth through the LabCOM® app and the readings can be stored in the app or online in the cloud.

The PoolLab 1.0 is available for less than EUR 149 and already assists more than 100,000 satisfied pool users.