Water-i.d. GmbH from Germany, which has successfully produced and distributed PoolLab 1.0 since 2017, has been offering a successor model, PoolLab 2.0, since April 2023. PoolLab 1.0 was already very popular, most recently with over 45,000 new users per year.

Latest technology and other innovations for the PoolLab 2.0

With PoolLab 2.0, Water-i.d. is setting new standards and is once again using the latest technology and other innovations. It has three parallel measuring chambers to measure up to three water values in parallel (triple cuvette can be replaced). The measurement result is still obtained after just two keystrokes. The PoolLab 2.0 can measure 24 pool water values (PoolLab 1.0 = 13), including chlorine, active oxygen, pH, alkalinity and cyanuric acid as well as hardness, copper, phosphate and much more. In addition to the Bluetooth connection to the free LabCOM app/software/cloud, the PoolLab 2.0 also has a WiFi connection so that it can communicate directly with the LabCOM cloud without having to go via the LabCOM app. This enables immediate synchronisation with the LabCOM cloud so that the measurement data are available in «real time» in the app, the software on the PC or tablet or in the browser (www.labcom.cloud). In addition, the user can create different water sources (e.g. «Pool 1», «Pool 2») via the app and save them on the PoolLab 2.0.

New: the PoolLab 2.0 has a large colour display with backlighting for easy operation. Like its predecessor, it is waterproof so that the water to be measured can be scooped directly from the pool into the measuring chamber. 

The sophisticated, free LabCOM app/software (both synchronised via the LabCOM Cloud) for Android, iOS and Windows offers the user measurement data management and measurement reports at the touch of a button, as well as an active chlorine calculator, LSI calculation and the option to create dosing recommendations based on water care products individually entered by the user.