The HydroStar turbine driven counterflow system from BINDER generates a wide powerful current similar to that of a river. It is suitable for every type of pool and can be quickly installed by the specialist dealer.

HydroStar turbine driven counterflow system for a wide powerful current 

Suitable for every type of pool

Thanks to the patented technology of the system, HydroStar works with turbines instead of pumps. This creates a natural flow without splashing water. Thereby, the swimmer is carried by the water and can concentrate on his technique instead of constantly having to keep his balance, as is the case with many systems.

Another advantage is the strong current, which cannot be swum through. It is conveniently adjusted to the individual performance level by remote control, piezo button or the training app - HydroStar Next.

The turbine swimming system can also be installed more quickly. Neither a separate installation shaft nor extensive earthworks are required for the installation. So, HydroStar can be installed by one or two technicians in around three hours.

HydroStar is available with volume flows from 160 to 1,200 m³/h. For existing pools, there is the EasyStar retrofit system, which has the same scope of performance and functions as HydroStar. The energy consumption of both systems is 50 to 80 per cent lower than that of conventional counter-current systems.