To provide the highest water and air quality in swimming pools, marine biologist Dr Howard Dryden has developed DA-SY®: a unique biological water treatment solution adapted to all public and private swimming pools.  

A unique biological water treatment solution for public and private swimming pools

The many benefits of the DA-SY® water treatment system

Instead of letting bacteria grow and using high quantities of disinfectants and expensive equipment to kill them, DA-SY® changes the living conditions to make it difficult for bacteria and parasites to live and reproduce. By preventing bacterial growth at the source, this system significantly lowers the cost of water treatment, enhances water clarity and provides much healthier swimming conditions for all pool users. 

The water treatment system provides many benefits: improved filtration, down to 0.1 micron; reduced oxidation demand by up to 80%; the best air quality without chlorine smells and up to 50% less chloroform (THMs); substantial water, chemical and energy savings for a quick return on investment.