Complete and connected pool water management

SCP exclusivity

The ProMatic Lifeguard chlorinator from Davey is an SCP exclusive and includes the simplicity of the EcoSalt2 chlorinator combined with a complete and connected pool water management system for pools up to 175 m3.  

  • The Boost mode now provides additional chlorination during high use periods while a shutter connection and ORP control prevent over-chlorination and extend the life of the cell. 
  • The pH pump offers improved water balance management and the in-line cell with polarity reversal and integrated flow sensor offers customers more peace of mind and less maintenance. 
  • The polarity reversal time is adjustable which is ideal for high limescale waters. The cell cap now allows for easy maintenance and the 'low salinity' warning causes a shutdown if the salinity is too low, which in turn will prevent damage to the cell. 
  • The ProMatic Lifeguard has a single sensor holder for quick and easy installation. Pool Earth, pH pump, sensors (ORP, pH, Temperature/Salt) and sensor holder are included. 

A Wi-Fi connection for the control of the device is possible thanks to a multilingual application (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch) available for smartphone on Google Play and Apple Store and now allows to set the different modes (Boost, cover...), to control and adjust the pH and redox value, to check the temperature and salt level, to receive notifications and alerts in case of malfunctioning as well as to obtain a history of the pool parameters.