Launched in partnership with Bio-UV, a leader on the UV water treatment market, this hybrid device is the first Ultra Low Salt® (ULS) chlorinator by Pool Technologie. It brings together the balanced combination of two technologies mastered by these two manufacturers: UV sterilisation and continuous salt chlorination.

The combination of two technologies: UV sterilisation and continuous salt chlorination

How it works:

The UV reactor contains part Ultra Low Salt® electrode to ensure continuous salt chlorination and part UV lamp to disinfect the water by UV rays. Produced from the latest water treatment technologies, the lamp releases UV-C rays, reproducing the natural phenomenon of ultraviolet radiation inside a reactor. On an emitted wavelength of 254 nm with a strong germicidal effect, it helps instantly kill bacteria, fungi and viruses by penetrating into the heart of the micro-organisms' cells to kill them.

At the same time, Pool Technologie developed Ultra Low Salt® technology, where 0.5 g/l of salt is enough to ensure that the water stays disinfected, which is 7 to 10 times less than a standard chlorinator. Thanks to the direct current flowing through the electrodes and the chemical reactions occurring, the water stays disinfected and keeps disinfecting.

The key aspects of environmentally-friendly disinfection are followed: minimising the amount of salt in the swimming pool and producing the absolute minimum of chlorine required for constant disinfection.

This new generation of ULS chlorinators comes with two models, the Justsalt UV and the Poolsquad UV for treating swimming pools up to 100m3. Poolsquad UV also offers proportional, predictive, smart pH regulation.

Le réacteur UV Pool Technologie

The UV reactor

Benefits :

  • Odourless, fresh swimming pool water
  • Disinfected and disinfecting water with no added chemicals
  • An environmentally-friendly disinfection solution
  • An easy-to-use, 100% automatic device
  • No risk of allergies
  • Non-polluting backwash water
  • Much lower maintenance costs

Justsalt UV and Poolsquad UV will be the first two hybrid models launched by Pool Technologie on the market at the start of 2021.