Movement in water is perfect for your health, as it uses many muscle groups at once. The turbine driven EasyStar counter-current system additionally intensifies the training impact with its powerful current. It is easy and quick to retrofit the system into any pool. 

EasyStar,  a patented turbine technology for a wide current 

Unlike exercising on dry land, training in water is very gentle on the joints. Researchers have also proven that regular, moderate swimming can alleviate mild hypertension. Studies* have shown that it can reduce arterial blood pressure of about 10 mm Hg after just three months.  Swimming can also help with weight loss as, depending on style and intensity, the body burns between 300 and 500 kcal per hour. 

The EasyStar counter-current system from BINDER helps to further increase these positive effects. Unlike conventional systems, which use pumps to generate a current, EasyStar uses a patented turbine technology. This produces a wide current which carries the swimmer evenly. 

EasyStar counter-current system from BINDER

The EasyStar counter-current system

The many advantages of training with EasyStar 

Training with EasyStar has many advantages over normal swimming. Because you have to swim against the current, the body is constantly under pressure, making the muscles work more effectively. Swimming against EasyStar is also more intensive for the muscle chains and for muscle interplay. 

EasyStar is suitable for all pool types and is installed by the specialist retailer in just a few steps. BINDER delivers the system with flow rates from 160 to 550 m3 per hour. It is conveniently operated by remote control or via the training app, HydroStar Next. EasyStar uses up to 80 percent less power than pump-driven systems and requires hardly any maintenance.