New AFM®ng : delivers 30% higher performance and purity

Dryden Aqua's AFM® (Activated Filter Media) has been known for years as the best filter media on the market. It is used in swimming pools, aquariums and drinking water applications.  AFM® is the only filter media that prevents the formation of biofilm in sand filters and offers ultra-fine 4 micron filtration. 

A new activation process  fore even better performance

Now we come to the new generation: AFM®ng!  AFM®ng is subjected to a new activation process to further enlarge its surface area for adsorption and, to make it "hydrophobic" (water-repellent).  These new exclusive features give AFM®ng even better performance than the previous version, with certified 1 micron filtration (Tested by independent laboratory IFTS - October 2019)! 

Dryden Aqua's AFM® production

 Production of Dryden Aqua's AFM®

The new hydrophobic surface will also more efficiently remove organic substances (oils, fats, proteins ...) and microplastics.  The formation of chloroform and other THMs can thus be reduced by around 50% in swimming pools compared to sand and other glass filter media.  AFM®ng is manufactured in ultra-sophisticated factories in both Scotland and Switzerland.