Counter current units that meet the requirements of pool standards

The Swedish pool equipment specialist Pahlén has developed Jet Swim Motion, a counter current unit providing a very natural swimming technique. Jet Swim Motion is made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L and has a completely new flow technique with two oval nozzles, of which the lower is directed downward for a more even distribution of the streams. This provides a much more natural swimming technique compared to most counter-current units found on the market. 

The air mixture in the jet streams are adjusted seamlessly in order to suit personal needs (the 2,2 kW pump has a capacity of 46 m3/h). In its modern minimalistic design, a discreet handle is hidden and integrated in the front. Jet Swim Motion is available in both Classic and Marine design and meets the requirements for the pool standard EN 16582 and EN 16713.

nage contre-courant Jet Swim Motion Pahlen

Jet Swim Motion version Classic and Marine

Jet Swim Athlete

The manufacturer also launched Jet Swim Athlete, using the same new flow technique with two oval nozzles, with a more powerful capacity (4,0 kW and 68 m3/h), the user can easily improve its swim technique and physical fitness. 

Jet Swim Athlete is mainly made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L and fulfills European Pool standards EN 16582 and EN 16713. 

The 4,0 kW pump is made of bronze with an IE3 motor which fulfills the European ECO-design directive and also third party approved for Electric Safety by Intertek according to International IEC and European EN Standard IEC/EN 60335.

All components in the unit are designed with focus on durability and sustainability.

nage contre-courant Jet Swim Athlete Pahlen

Jet Swim Athlete