Today's EuroSpaPoolNews online interview welcomes Koen Jans and Stefan Pahlén, respectively Area Sales Manager for Western Europe and Overseas, and the Director of the Swedish company Pahlén, specialists for 50 years in the manufacture of quality swimming pool equipment. They describe the technique used in Pahlén's counter-current swimming pool systems. 

Interview Online of Koen Jans and Stefan Pahlén

An update on Pahlén's Jet Swim counter-current systems

In the Jet Swim counter-current swimming system, one of Pahlén's star products, the pump is ideally located behind the wall unit, taking in water from the pool and releasing it via two nozzles. However, these two nozzles are different from the classic nozzles used in other systems. They provide a wide angle, enabling users to enjoy a wider area for counter-current swimming.
The two nozzles are placed one above the other, the lower one being directed downwards. This provides the swimmer with 'lift" towards the surface of the pool to offer a more natural swimming experience.
The Jet Swim range includes several models according to users' needs.

  • Jet Swim Motion, the smallest model, has a 2.2 kW pump that is ideal for use in private family pools.
  • Jet Swim Athlete, a more powerful counter-current unit with a 4 kW pump that is ideal for counter-current physical fitness training. 

All these counter-current swimming systems combine a stainless steel wall unit and a bronze pump.  

Trend towards pools with better and more complete equipment

The trend in European pools tends towards pools with better and more complete equipment: counter-current swimming, massage systems, waterfalls, LED spotlights, etc. These pools are more technically 'complete'. There is also a growing interest for ecology, with pools that incorporate more durable products. 

Stainless steel elements for a premium pool

Stainless steel parts are successful with more demanding customers, enabling them to benefit from exclusive, high-end pools. This also enables professionals to differentiate themselves from their competitors through a high-quality offer. These elements, which are visible in the pool, offer an aesthetic appearance far above those of classic pools.