An economical solution running on "green" energy

A system comprising a filtration pump and a frequency inverter

The manufacturer's latest novelty aroused great interest during its presentation at the last Piscina & Wellness trade fair in Barcelona. This system comprises a filtration pump and a frequency inverter, to adapt the filtration rate, both powered by solar energy. Silen Solar is an economical solution running on "green" energy and obtaining quickly the maximum return on the installation. The environmental impact of the use of the pool is thereby greatly reduced.

Silen Solar is available in two configurations, according to the needs of the installation.

As an isolated system, Silen Solar only uses the sun's energy, adapting the filtering speed according to the solar radiation. 

As a hybrid system, Silen Solar H is suitable for installations in less sunny areas, which need additional power (electricity or other). 

ESPA provides further evidence of its commitment to find filtration solutions for the private pools that are more efficient and at the same time focused on renewable energies. 

Silen Solar filtration piscine solaire ESPA