Efficiency and sustainability for the future's pools

Water-pumping solutions for the real problems of the environment of ESPA

Since 1962, ESPA works to offer water-pumping solutions for the real problems of the environment. The Spanish company has been renowned for its constant innovation and the continuous improvement of products to offer the best solution to their customer's needs. Because of its evolution, ESPA has become a reference of water technologies and especially in swimming pool sector.  

They have a firm commitment and responsibility to the environment and future generations. They strive to make their products increasingly energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. 

The Silenplus 3M pump

An example of their vocation and work for energy efficiency is the Silenplus 3M pump that incorporates a variable frequency drives with and important innovation in its operation: it adapts the set to the pool application, varying the speeds in work cycles. It works with a low-speed filtration, which makes it more effective since it retains water particles in a more optimal way, saving up to 84% of energy during the process and 58% of water during backwashing. Moreover, it also reduces the sound level and increases the life of the pump. In order to make user's daily use easier, the Silenplus range incorporates and APP that allows the control of the pump operation from a Smartphone and decides the parameters of installation: use, saving, etc. allowing adapting the pump to the pool facility.  

Following this line, ESPA continues with solutions for the domestic pool and with the main axis, the use of renewable energy and sustainability.