The company Swim Safe launched a slat profile for pool safety covers onto the market. 

A polycarbonate slat produced by tri-extrusion

With a width of 66.7 mm, this polycarbonate slat is produced by tri-extrusion. It comes with a layer that is ultra-resistant to UV rays, as well as a patented double-hook hinge, and an anti-algae chamber that prevents algae from forming on the shutter through photosynthesis. 

Great resistance, buoyancy and  durability

This polycarbonate slat profile comes with 4 chambers to provide great resistance, better buoyancy, and great durability. 

The cover slat for shutters is available in several colours, including solar, solar aluminium, aluminium, transparent, and transparent blue.  It allows the user of the automatic cover to secure the pool perfectly, to protect the pool from dirt, and to save energy once the pool has heated up.