An array of technologies to make the swimming pool more secure

Easier installation and use

Patented by APF, the Autofix 2.0 system complies with the standard NF P90-308, ensuring that the pool covers lock and unlock automatically. It uses magnetic energy, thanks to receptors that are fixed onto the wall of the pool, behind its lining, so they are completely invisible. On the end slat, there's a device fitted with magnets that has a visible indicator, which indicates that the cover is locked securely onto the wall.

This 2.0 version has been developed from the Autofix system, providing easier installation for an even easier, more practical, and more reliable use. It can be used with pools that have a high water level and underwater duckboards.

Fully automatic and connected

The French manufacturer has also launched a new security cover, which is fully automatic, connected, and fitted with the Autofix 2.0 system. This NF P90-308 certified cover is the only one on the market that offers this built-in automatic locking/unlocking system.

The cover can easily be operated using the APF Connect - Cover Control application thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Operated by a Coveo® repairable motor, it opens and closes quickly and safely, and it has a 5-year guarantee.

APF Connect - Cover Control application