The new Pleatco Advanced UltraTM cartridges

After the success of pool and spa filter cartridges made with the reinforced filter fabric Pleatco Advanced Point BondedTM, Pleatco's engineers, always pushing the boundaries of filtration technology, have developed new cartridges even more efficient: the Pleatco Advanced UltraTM.

The technology - Pleatco Pure PleatTM

This new cartridge is driven by revolutionary technology - Pleatco Pure PleatTM. This new feature keeps the pleats of the cartridge rigid and evenly spaced, enhancing flow dynamics and optimizing performance. This is a completely new band-less cartridge design truly in a category of its own.

Less maintenance

While in action cartridges' pleats begin to load under elevated water flow. With a standard filter cartridge under pressure, the flow favors the path of least resistance causing pleats to bunch up, bypassing some filtration fabric. With Pleatco Advanced UltraTM, the flow is systemically distributed by evenly spaced ridged pleats with no bunching up, using the maximum available filtration fabric.

Pleatco Advanced UltraTM cartridges, available in Europe, hold more dirt, require far less maintenance, last longer.