MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights, the ultimate lighting upgrade

With MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights, you can give yours customers the ultimate lighting upgrade, an easy way to add dynamic lighting and design versatility to new projects, retrofits or upgrades.

An exceptional brilliance and lighting quality

Indeed, MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights provide exceptional brilliance and lighting quality. Customers can expect premium LED illumination and vibrant colors. Because they're only 89mm long--the industry's shortest--they give new freedom to add lighting in places never before possible. They give more room for imagination!

colour choices MicroBrite led lights Pentair

Suitable for narrow walls and tight spaces

Furthermore, as no niche is required, they fit in any standard 1.5-in wall-fittings. MicroBrite LED Lights install horizontally or vertically in as shallow as 10 cm. They are compatible with Pentair automation systems, ControlBrite(TM) and the IntelliBrite® Controller.

Add visual excitement along the steps, sunlight and in the pools with MicroBrite Color and White LED Light that fit in narrow walls and tight spaces.