The Premium range for three smart and fully automated dosing solutions

The Premium range from Pool Technologie offers three smart and fully automated dosing solutions for optimum convenience: DOSIPOOL, DOSIPOOL Pro and DOSIPOOL Ampéro.

The 3 models in the range

DOSIPOOL is a chlorine dosing system equipped with a pH regulator.

The DOSIPOOL Pro model also allows you to control chlorine injection using a REDOX probe. The REDOX probe measures the water quality and injects disinfectant according to the parameters that have been set.

The range's third model, the DOSIPOOL Ampéro, automatically regulates chlorine injection via an amperometric probe. This probe measures the free chlorine in the water and adjusts the amounts of disinfectant required. 

Top-of-the-range technology for greater safety

The top-of-the-range Ampéro technology was first used in public swimming pool facilities and can now be used by private individuals. It is recommended for indoor pools in particular, whose chlorine levels need to be regularly monitored. 

Thanks to their predictive pH controls, these three devices analyse the effectiveness of the last injection and then adjust the dosage according to what is actually needed. For greater safety, the system automatically changes to dosing mode if the probe stops working.

The devices from Pool Technologie's Premium range offer a graphic interface available in 9 languages, which is intuitive and fast for the user to navigate around.