Aqua Cover, the Belgian manufacturer of automatic swimming pool covers behind the Aqua Cover® Premium, Aqua Cover® Light, Aqua Cover® Box and Aqua Cover Exterior motors, was back again this year, as it has been for over 20 years, to showcase its new products at the Lyon trade show.

Having recently been released onto the European market, the COVER LOCK EVO II system has been redesigned to adapt to high water levels.

The new generation of this safety device for Aqua Cover products lets you lock and unlock it automatically from a key switch, while automatically opening the shutter. An indicator light tells users whether their cover is locked or unlocked.
Certified by the Pourquery laboratories in accordance with standard NF P 90-308:2013, this innovative system offers the shutter owner ease of use and safety, whether it is for a renovation or a new build. Furthermore, the material used, 316L stainless steel, ensures that the system lasts and fits stylishly into the swimming pool.

Another new product : the double shutter on a single mechanism, controlled by an electronic unit from the Light range.

The BUTTERFLY COVER is located at the bottom of the pool and is almost invisible. It emerges from its compartment with a valve that opens automatically at the closing signal of the cover. When open, the double shutter returns to its compartment and leaves space for all of the swimming area.
This 316L stainless steel system has been developed and built in the Belgian manufacturer's workshops thanks to the expertise of its design office and technical service.

Butterfly Cover

Inspired by the Cube IPE model, the new EXTERIOR CUBE RESORT above-ground system is formed of two brushed stainless steel end plates that support the axle.

Specifically designed for large hotel pools and communal pools, this system can be fitted with a middle part to increase the cover width for a large pool. Its aesthetically pleasing 316L stainless steel structure can be transported in several parts to the building site and assembled on site, if there is limited access, for example.