Aquaciver cube

Aqua Cover Exterior Cube


AQUA COVER, a Belgium swimming pool cover manufacturer, presents several new products in Lyon, including the AQUA COVER BOX, a new range of covers with an external tubular motor (IP68) and electronic end-run system.


The 300 Nm, 450 Nm and 600 Nm waterproof motors can be used for renovations and new installations.


The waterproof system is simple in design and installation, working even when the external chamber is filled with water.


In addition, the new swimming pool covers of the Aqua Cover Exterior Cube range for premium above ground pools come with a 316 L stainless steel shaft and frame, covered in Ipe wood.


They are equipped with a tubular motor of 150 or 300 Nm.


The company will also reveal its new PVC and polycarbonate slats equipped with welded plugs. Without silicone jointing, they become more resistant and aesthetically pleasing.



Lames polycarbonates

New PVC and polycarbonate slats


Aqua cover Box : motor